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Emotionally Held
with EFT

Workshops for Individuals wanting to feel relief from overwhelming emotions

Interactive and practical Workshops for individuals wanting to learn more about their emotions and ways to engage with them through awareness, presence and EFT (Tapping).

My workshops are always relaxed and easygoing, with a maximum of 10 people, so whether you come solo or with friends you will be in safe hands in a small group.

I offer a free 15 minute chat for you to ask any questions and for us to meet before the workshops begin.

Emotionally Held workshops

3 x 90 Minutes (every 3 weeks)

£60 (£20 for each workshop)

Next Online workshop starts: 

March/April - exact dates TBC 

On Zoom

We will explore:

  • What are our emotions

  • How we deal with them (or don't deal with them).

  • The link between emotions, burn out, physical aches and pains

  • Understanding and challenging our judgments and beliefs about emotions

  • Using EFT as a practical tool for relief, overwhelm and improving sleep

  • 3 practical 'tapping' sessions deepening the practice each time

  • A check in and a chance to ask questions that have arisen from our 'tapping' practice

  • Informative materials to take away for reference

Holding Plant

To book you free 15 minute chat, email or call me...

Your questions answered:

Will I have to talk about my emotions in the group?

No not at all, we will discuss emotions and some people may want to share what they are feeling but there is no expectation for anyone to share personal information unless they are comfortable doing so.

What if I have questions and I don't want to ask them in the group?

There will be a couple of opportunities to ask questions out of the group, firstly is to ask me personally at the end of the workshop, secondly is to email me between the workshops and I will answer the question during our Check in sessions at the start of the workshops.

Do I have to do homework between the workshops?

As I am teaching a way of working with how we feel day to day you will get the most from the workshops if you practice in between them. There will also be Check in sessions at the start of the workshops so you can ask questions about any challenges you may have had with the practice, you will of course get more from these if you have tried it at least once.

Can I come alone?

You can attend alone or with friends, it is entirely up to you. We will be together as a group, with no partner work so coming on your own will not be a disadvantage.

Can I come if I have already tried tapping?

Yes absolutely, this workshop is so much more than learning the tapping points, it is emotional education along with ways of deepening a tapping practice. 

If you have any questions not answered here please do get in touch.

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