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Is something getting in the way of your happiness and health?

Maybe on the surface all looks great but underneath does it feel that way?


Or is the struggle now starting to show?


Get in touch, change can happen!

Gemma Hunt

Gemma Hunt Therapy

I offer a safe space to explore what is holding you back from your happy and healthy.

We can work face to face in Colden Common, Winchester or on Zoom anywhere in the Country or World.

I offer a free 30 minute chat if you would like to find out more

Jennie, London UK

Gemma is warm, caring and safe.

I quite quickly felt able to open up to her and I felt that she really understood me. I've healed so much thanks to Gemma, and I would recommend her to anyone considering therapy.

She's fantastic"

Nicole, Winchester UK

"I have been seeing Gemma for my phobia of being sick, this has at times taken over my life.

Although not a nice subject, I always felt at ease and never rushed, we even managed a little giggle now and then.

I would definitely recommend Gemma 100%, she is amazing"

Jonny, London UK

"I came to Gemma with a challenge and an open mind. 

I'd recommend anyone to Gemma, she has a calming and friendly approach, that enables people like me, a 'newbie' to this kind of therapy, a route in of self-discovery."


I'm Gemma

I, like so many others appeared to have it all, the lifestyle, the relationship, the job, the house, you know the story, but inside it was so different. I was depressed and had been taking anti depressants for years, life was a struggle, my happy smiley persona was a front and then I burnt out.

My journey back to happiness and health had many factors but a large part was the therapy I took part in, it changed my life in such a way that I retrained and became a therapist myself.  

I now help people find their version of happy and healthy while also living my full and thriving life and actually enjoying it.

Gemma Hunt
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