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"I have been seeing Gemma for over a year for my phobia of being sick, this has at times taken over my life and spoilt if not hindered my lifestyle at times. Im 55 and not been ill like that for 47 years!!

Although not a nice subject to discuss Gemma made it feel like I was talking about something like clothes shopping, it was that easy and not discusting at all, I always felt at ease and never rushed we even managed a little giggle now and then.

Through my journey I realised my problem wasnt being sick it was issues around life events that had nothing to do with being ill that were the roots of my phobia, although they weren't forgotten memories just talking around how I felt at the time was my way out.

Weirdly the day before my last session I was ill and I can remember thinking people do this all the time, I didn't like it but....I wasn't panicking or frightened which is absolutely amazing!! 

I would definitely recommend Gemma 100%, she is amazing and very clever"

Nicole G

Sunset Views

"I came to Gemma with a challenge and an open mind.  I was fast hitting 40, and had a long career working for government and institutions, hiding behind uniforms or job titles, that meant I was struggling to find my 'authentic self'.  In a short space of time, Gemma got to the root of it all, and a voyage of discovery began.  Not only did we talk (something I have struggled with much of my life, manifested in stress-related conditions) but she tried various techniques that enabled me to deal with day-to-day life and prepare me for my future.   I feel certain of who 'I am' and have ways of dealing with challenges that are bound to crop up in the future.  The authentic self I'd struggled to find, or left in my past.


I'd recommend anyone to Gemma, she has a calming and friendly approach, that enables people like me, a 'newbie' to this kind of therapy, a route in of self-discovery."

Jonny B


"Although I’ve always struggled with confidence, I hadn’t ever considered that hypnosis could be the answer. After doing some research, and speaking to some friends, hypnosis all of a sudden became an option and one that I wanted to explore. I made contact with Gemma who was extremely reassuring, able to talk me through everything and answer any questions I had in regards to the session. Gemma really took the time prior to our session to get to know exactly what my struggles are and understand what I was looking to get out of the session.

Gemma has a lovely little setup in her home which is extremely relaxing and I was put at ease immediately by her warming nature.

Throughout the session, I could feel a huge sense of relaxation. Something which I don’t feel very often as I’m always so busy with one thing or another. Due to Gemma understanding my needs, she was able to adapt the session to suit me. Opening my eyes after 30 minutes of pure relaxation and an inner body tuning, I felt like I could conquer the world. My attitude was more positive and I felt great. 

Thank you Gemma for a fantastic introduction to Hypnosis! I can’t wait to have another session!"

Chloe D

"I came to see Gemma after leaving a controlling relationship of 11 years. My self confidence was at an all time low and I felt as though Hypnosis may be able to offer me something different. I have had conventional therapy before so this was offering something new. I was curious also, to see whether I would be able to relax enough for it to work because I was so anxious and tense. I specifically asked to focus on self belief and confidence in making decisions. Gemma made me feel comfortable instantly and has a very non-confrontational approach. She is very warm, calming an approachable person. I felt as though I could trust her instantly. The instant results were amazing, after the session I could not remember all of the specifics but felt elated and excited. I was talking a lot! The hours and days following the session I really felt as though I had to message Gemma to tell her how peaceful I felt and how I wasn’t crippled with anxiety. It’s very hard to describe the feelings but I know for sure it had a direct link to the session I had and would very much recommend it to anyone who is open to the theory of communicating with the unconscious mind. Thank you Gemma!"

Hannah B

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