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I’m failing! ...or am I?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

It’s been a while since my last blog post and todays is a short one.

I know, what a fail!

Or is it?

It’s been a busy month and I chose to prioritise myself and my clients and let the blog sit for a few weeks.

So is that a fail?

I haven’t achieved all that I set out to do, but life happens, things come up that throw us off track and being able to flex ourselves and our plans with this is paramount to staying well (mentally and physically).

One of the things that can stand in the way of us being flexible is the stories we tell ourselves. For example when I realised I was going to miss my plan for my posts I was deflated, I had a sense of failing, of not keeping up with my expectations and felt the shame of people knowing I hadn’t managed it. I then realised what I was doing, I was telling myself stories around this.

Stories that is wasn’t ok to change my plan, stories that others actually cared whether I kept to my plan or even knew my plan. I had created a story for what I should be as a therapist who blogs, and when I was unable to meet this I felt shame.

Many of us tell ourselves stories of who we should be, for some it’s as a parent, a friend, a professional, a husband or a wife, a daughter or a son. These stories and expectations we have for ourselves can feel smothering and leave us feeling that we are failing daily.

Our stories often include what we perceive everyone else is doing, we can then compare ourselves to the stories we create about others and again feel like we are failing.

Once I’d challenged my old story a new one started to emerge, one where putting myself and my clients first and taking some time out of the blog was me winning at self care, self love, acceptance and all the other things I have written about on the blog so far.

So to truly honor the content of the blog I’ve taken some time away from it, to walk the talk and be imperfect.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if there’s anything you want to hear about in the future you can comment below, email me at gemmahunttherapy@gmail.comor send me a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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